Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cute Crochet Ring Using the Slip Stitch

So this project is fast and simple, its a crochet ring. It is made with back loop slip stitches. The flower on top is made with double crochets and slip stitches. (Sorry I used white, its a little hard to see but it's the only color in this size that I had)

To start I used size 10 cotton thread and a size 4 steel crochet hook.

This is how we want to start (instead of a knot) when working with slip stitches. Remember to leave some extra thread for later use. 

Chain until its long enough to wrap around a finger (give a little extra because it tightens up a little). The first row is worked differently then the rest. Turn the chain over so that it looks backwards, and insert the hook into the the middle lump. Slip stitch the entire row.

 Once you are done with the first row, the place where you insert the hook changes. This will be continuous. You want to insert the hook into the back loop of the chain shown below. Continue with the back look slip stitch until the ring is as long as you want it.

Finish when you started, remembering to leave so extra thread

Take the threads and knot them on the inside to get everything out of the way 

The flower it really simple:
Chain 1 
In the first chain: dc, sl st, dc, sl st, dc, sl st, dc, sl st, dc, sl st, finish off 

I colored it with nail polish because I didn't have any other colors. It worked very well, even made it more stiff. 

Tie the flower into the front (across from where the ring was started and ended) with a simple knot at the back.

Here is the finished project. 

Thanks for reading!

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