Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crochet Circle Jacket

So I wanted to make one of those circle jacket's... I didn't make the pattern but I changes one around a bit so I'll show what I did. I took this pattern and added a bigger and more decorative trim around the edge.

Materials Used:
-2 skeins Red Heart "With Love" 7oz
-H/5mm hook

Here it is:

First: The pattern from drops yas meant for larger yarn and hook, I am  usually a small but I ended up using the M/L size.

Second, the because I was putting together 2 patterns the circle came out a little lumpy, no worries I know how to fix it but my wrists were too tired to take it all out and do it again.

This is the pattern I used on the border: (with my modifications)

After making the arm holes I did 3 more rows.
As shown in CIRCLE 1, in every ch 6 space I dc 4 also 1 dc in each sc

For CIRCLE 2. To start the border I started with the first triangles (dc 5 into 1), just as in the picture, leaving the same amount (3) in between. I was only 2 st off, but still count how many stitched you have and see if it is divisible by 8.

For the border I didn't use the entire pattern. Dc 4 into the the ch 2 space so that it's not too lumpy (I did 6) and ch 5 in between (I did 6) to keep it tighter.

Dc the entire next row (dc 5 into the ch 5 space)

Dc an other row (if you want to add a button, leave a space between these two rows in the appropriate spot)

For the sleeves I wanted to end with 2 dc rows so that the style would flow a little more. Slip st until you get to be in the ch space. Ch 3 to start, end with 3 dc in each space, no dc in the sc.

I blocked (ironed between 2 towels) it when I finished, make it a lot more 'drape-y'

Pin closed with a brooch, I had a hair pin handy

Not my best work but a fun 2 day project (this goes super fast)


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