Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crochet Circle Skirt

I finished this a while ago but never got around to posting it. I found the diagram through pintrest (here) and really wanted to make one. I made it with smaller thread and has anticipated make 2 tiers but made just one can called it a mini skirt.
I changed the last couple of rows because when I followed the chart it got all bunched up and looked really bad. Here I will show you what I changed, how I added the waist, and how I sewed the underskirt.

Materials I used
-Cotton Thread Size 10
-Steel Hook Size 2

I want to point out that you can/should (it's pretty short) make the skirt longer by adding more of the beginning rows (1,2 and 3).

When I got to this point: (ignore the ruler, this test bit was made with a smaller hook)
I began to dc 5 into every dc as well as in the spaces at the top of the pineapple. There are no chains between the 5dc.

For the second round, slip stitch until at the top of one of the shells, then 5dc again. The tricky part here, which makes a bobble, is where you put the 5 dc. It is in the space between the the last stitches, picking up at vertical bar as shown below. You go into one stitch and then come out of another. This was my last row but I guess you can make another shell/bobble row using the same method.

To attache the waist (I don't have any pictures but it's pretty simple)  just dc into the bottom/middle of the circle you just made. Mine came out a little big so I didn't dc in every stitch.

I made it so that one side (the back) was longer than the other to accommodate my butt. How I did this was to find the middle of the dc row that I had just made, and sc on half, increase with 1 hdc, and dc the other half. I did this on every other row so it was like this:

Beginning row all dc
sc half, increase with hdc, dc the other half, decrease with hdc, join
Dc all around
sc half, increase with hdc, dc the other half, decrease with hdc, join

And so on...
I did this until I thought it was good and then just dc the rest of the way around.

To  make the skirt it's just a simple circle skirt. I made it start from the bottom of the waist band. I ended up using about a centimeter for hemming because it was easier to make a small hem with the round shape. I cut more off than what you can see in the picture but it is better to have extra than not enough.
I used this tutorial to sew the hemmed circle skirt to the crochet skirt.

Final comments, the waist is slightly see through so I might have made it with sc instead but then it would not have been as stretchy, so that is really up to however wants to make it. Would have made it a little longer if I had know I was just making one tier. Other than that I really like how it came out and I have gotten lots of compliments whenever I wear it out.

Any questions? Just ask!


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