Monday, April 6, 2015

Bra / Halter Top From Left Over Jean Legs

I had a pair of jeans that were ripped in the front, and I was a little to violent with them which resulted in giant hole. So of course I made myself a nice pair of cut off shorts. I didn't feel like throwing away leg tubes so I thought of making some sort of top with them. This is the final Product:


I made the pattern myself, getting ideas from the web and using a bra as a basis. As you can tell I kinda have big boobs so the regular triangle doesn't look too good on me. Below is a picture of the shapes that I used. The straps go around my  neck. I actually sewed everything by hand since I don't have my sewing machine here but it didn't take too long, just a little sub par quality. Since this is following a bra pattern the bottom piece fit tightly, this means that you have to have some sort of opening at the back. What I did was to use elastic I had lying around, a little tight when pitting it on but it works.

I actually made everything twice, once with a cheap cloth I had lying around to get the measurements right, then with the jeans.

For the bottom piece, I traced one of my bras on a piece of paper and made sure that it fit with the cup I was making. I had to extend it a little further (you can see the notch in the picture,


Overall I think it was a pretty good use of a pair of jean legs that were going to be tossed. I can see a lot of possibilities with this pattern or even this top. You could alter it into a longer shirt, add some clasps or a zipper. It could even be decorated like those bras people wear to dance concerts. Endless possibilities.

I'm going to try to see how well other types of fabrics work with this pattern,