Monday, July 8, 2013

Crochet Moccasins/Loafers

I wanted to make a pair of shoes and found this pattern on ravelry, made it once and then went back a made it again with some modifications.

I used a size F hook
The yarn I used was cotton, Red Heart, not sure exactly of the name, 2 skeins 

This is smaller than what the pattern asks for so:
-add 1 ch to the staring row of the sole
-Sc 8 rows along the side 
Here are the modifications I made
-Make the flap longer (start with 1 less ch than in the pattern, also no back look only row, about 20 rows total)
-Make a row of sc around the flap before attaching it, looks neater
- increase rows on the heel, as show. 5 stitches on each side (double the picture)
-Decrease the st so that it is sloped at the heel
-> Each row sc2tog at the end of the hill, more or less if necessary
-Along the top, for a braid/ribbon, sc, skip1 chain1, sc. Thread a cord through this

To join the top to the sides, it becomes easier with the sc on the flap
Just line them up right sides out and sew in and out like in the diagram
I start at the middle and leave a long thread to go back and do the other side, that way I know that it is centered.
Eventually I want to make a sole (same pattern) out of either twine or plastic and sew it on so that I can wear them outside and not just around the house.

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