Sunday, July 7, 2013

Overview - Small Antler, from knitting to crochet

For the person on reddit asking for help I took a couple pictures of something I worked up to look like the antlers in your pattern.
I made this with the only yarn/needle I have right now (on vacation)  so I would definitely use smaller yarn and hook but the concept is the same 
Start of the with a chain in the round
 Build up, in rows not spiral. Here I decreased 2 times on the middle row. If you are making it with smaller yarn/hook then you will want to decrease more often.
 When you get to where you want the first antler to start then do not finish  all the row (I skipped 2 st) and turn to crochet. Do this until it is as tall as you want (I did 2 rows). Again, if smaller yarn, more stitches.
 When you get to where you want it to be, chain and join. So in my case ch 2.
NOTE: the difference between the last picture and this one is only the ch 2
 Decrease as you want, and repeat the hole-making procedure.
Decrease until you have only a few st left and pull through them and fasten off
(My yarn is was too thick and hook to small to do this right but with smaller yarn this would look more pointy)

 Cast on around the holes (you can take this as an opportunity to decrease as well if you want. I started working in a spiral because why not
 Single stitch around, decreasing when you want, again make the tip as small as possible.
I didn't do the 2nd one because it is literally the same proccess.

Hope this helps

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